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Crypto real estate investment in France is now possible

Invest in the most secure and prestigious
market with great ROI.

Invest wherever you are in the world

Your purchases are materialized by NFT tokens backed on Ethereum
blockchain legally recognized in French law.


Avoid the complexity and delays of French administration and registration.


Your investments remain liquid since you resell them at any time like any NFT.


Earn a passive revenue in crypto as soon as you complete a purchase, without payment complexity.

Why do I need to invest in France?

Since 18th century, France properties are one of the most secured in the world but it is almost impossible for no-french residents to access it.

We are making a new investment business in France, because this country is the one of the most stable financial country of the world

First futures contracts on French Real Estate

We propose you to invest in France trough forward contracts based on shares in SCPIs, legal entities secured by French laws.

At the end of the contract, you have a right of pre-emption to buy your property at an attractive price fixed in advance.

Investment in France is now possible